Tire Repair: Routine Maintenance and Care is Important

What Should You Be Doing to Take Care of Your Tires?

You’ve likely heard the term TLC which usually stands for “tender loving care.” In the case of your vehicle, think of it as Tire Life Care. Proper maintenance and timely services can not only help you experience a more comfortable, safer ride, but they can also extend the life of your treads. For all your tire needs–routine maintenance services, road hazard repairs, and new sales or replacements–count on the knowledgeable staff at Expert Auto in Bowling Green, Virginia.

Tire Care Tips

At Expert Auto, your safety is our primary concern, and we’d also like to see you get the most out of your set of tires. Therefore, we’re glad to provide a few tips about tire care and repair. One of the easiest, yet most important care points is monitoring your tires’ air pressure. A good rule of thumb is to check the air pressure one per month (unless you suspect a problem and need to check sooner). Underinflated tires can overheat, putting you at risk for a blowout. Properly inflated tires last longer and help your car operate more efficiently. You should use a tire pressure gauge and check the pressure before the vehicle has been driven to ensure accuracy. Also, keep a check on the depth of your tires’ tread. The minimum safe amount of tread is 2/32″. Keep in mind that this is the least amount of tread that is safe. Depending upon your driving conditions, this may not be enough to provide sufficient traction. Thus, you may need to replace your tires prior to them reaching this measurement. Another important service point is tire rotation. A technician will move the tires to different locations on your car to promote more even tire wear. You should plan on doing this about every 5,000-7,000 miles. At this time, the tires are usually balanced to ensure optimal performance. It is also a good time for a professional to assist you with keeping an eye on the tread depth. Finally, if you have a flat–which sometimes happens due to road hazards despite your best efforts–don’t drive on the deflated tire as this will cause damage and preclude tire repair. Consult your technician to see if the tire is safe to repair. This is dependent upon the size and location of the offending area.

Your Local Tire Care Partner

Since 2007, Expert Auto has been helping drivers as they attend to their tires. We offer a full range of maintenance and repair services to make your tire last as long as possible. When you’re ready to purchase a new set, we’ve got you covered. We carry Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, and Leman’s brand tires.

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